Tips for a Healthy Mindset

Before we begin the zen festivities, it’s important to lay a good foundation. That being said, my first tip to attaining that state of inner peace we all crave deep down has to do with (drum roll please) MINDSET. You might be thinking “duh, what am I even reading this for,” but seriously consider your mindset throughout your day. I can guarantee you it’s not perfect. Chances are you’re a typical life-goer struggling with pesky negative inner dialogue just like the rest of us. Regardless of where you are in the great battle of mindset, I can offer you a few pointers from experience to help create a mental garden of gratitude and good intentions that radiates though everything you do.

Take Time for Gratitude

My first exercise is simple, be grateful. The more you focus on the good the less negativity has room to grow. So, my proposition to you is this: start counting your blessings before your feet hit the floor, before you pick up your phone, and before you mind drifts to the millions of things you have to do today. Notice the mundane activities that you take for granted: your morning cup of coffee, that bomb playlist you listen to on the way to school or work, or the fact that you even woke up today and are reading this. The list goes on. Sit in that gratitude and let it live throughout your day. You’ll start to notice that gratitude breeds gratitude. It’s something simple to add to your day that takes five minutes in the morning, at night, or better yet throughout your day and can easily improve your contentment.

Set Your Intentions

My second little exercise is to grab a piece of paper and spend some time in a safe place writing down the intentions behind your life. These are your reasons for living, the driving force behind your every move. For example, my main one is love. I firmly believe that if you act out of love you are a winner in the purest form. For you it could be anything: peace, health, authenticity. Just write them down and put them in a place where you can see them often. If you keep them within your line of sight, you’ll manifest them into your life and find yourself looking at life through the lens of your pure intentions causing you to feel more and more at peace by the day.

There you have it. Two simple things you can do to shift your mindset and start creating peace in your life today. If you can focus as much as possible on a good, consistent mindset, you’ve just set the tone for a fulfilling and peaceful life.

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