Mood Boosting Music- Valentine’s Day Edition

I find that music has an ethereal affect on us as humans. It can drastically change both your mood and how your day goes. Once I realized exactly how much of a mood-enhancing affect it had on me, I began to play around with different playlists to create the vibes I wanted for the variety of occasions that life has to offer. Using music to influence my peace of mind has been one of the most wonderful additions to my life lately. There have been so many days that it’s completely turned my day around, so I decided to share my Valentine’s Day playlist in hopes that it brings you as much joy as it does me.

Setting the Tone

Imagine you’re in a Vintage Paris café with the love of your life sitting across from you. There are rich red roses in the delicate glass vase and sparkling gold silverware on the white-clothed table between the two of you. You sat outside so could see the glowing hues of the sunset behind the silhouette of the Eiffel Tower as you eat your warm baguettes in the candlelight and smile at each other. The playlist below is playing softly in the background.<3

Note: You can listen to this playlist anytime! It doesn’t have to just be on Valentine’s Day or a special occasion. I find it’s great background music for relaxing in your room, cooking, sunset drives, or even studying:)

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