The Yin to My Yang: My Best Friend

“Things always do come full circle, and if you keep a good perspective about everything, then you can find peace with everything that happens in life.”

-Allison Neal

Allison Neal, my peace enthusiast of a best friend, always finds ways of making life more fulfilling. She’s only twenty, but she’s had so many tough situations already in her lifetime. From the death of her sister at a young age to struggling with several other traumas in between, somehow, she’s managed to find peace through all of it. This makes her the most qualified person I know in finding zen as a twenty-year-old, and I have always admired her for radiating that zen and genuine joy to those around her.

A Zen Friendship

Allison speaking on her ways of finding peace each day<3

 I met Allison a little a little over six years ago in the eighth grade as we both went to Vandebilt Catholic High in Houma, LA. The second we met in our first P.E. class together, we instantly clicked and knew we had to be best friends. I never would have known back then that her peaceful tips and advice are part of the reason I live like I do today.

Over the years, it became apparent to me that she truly does spend her life trying to find the peace in each day. She always encourages me to watch more sunsets and starry nights, drink more tea, and find magic in the mundane. Also, her suggesting that I start yoga is the reason I even delved into it in the first place. She explains that, “whenever I look up at the stars it brings me peace in the fact that we’re so small in this huge world that’s going on and any issues that we have aren’t that big.”

Her Magical Impact

Meghan, Me, and Allison having a fun, peaceful day at the park:)

Her peace radiates into the lives of everyone around her. One of our good friends, Meghan Belanger, recognizes this peace saying that, “Allison has been a true light in my life! Her optimism and relaxed attitude help me to calm down during my most stressed times in life.” She even goes on to say, “she allows me to feel comfortable and be my true self and find some peace in these hard times.” The optimism, peace, and happiness Megan refers to is so evident in the way she lives.

Allison is a big reason I can say that I’ve attained a steady state of peace and share that peace with the world around me. She will forever be one of my go-to zen provoking besties.

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