Tips for Self-Love

Self-Love is something that took me a while to learn. I used to have a tendency to push myself and my body too far. This is partially because I’m a perfectionist and partially because I felt like I had been encouraged by society and other important figures in my life to push through and keep going regardless of how I felt physically or emotionally. For a lot of my life, it felt like nothing was ever good enough, not even my physical appearance, and I can’t help but feel like a lot of people today are feeling this way. As a society we push ourselves to keep going even when our body, whether mentally or physically, is telling us to stop. We cannot listen to society or the voices around us saying to ignore our own needs for the sake of a test, our appearance, or a busy day at work. We must love ourselves and be kind to our bodies. The following tips are from my personal experience and self-love journey and have helped me abundantly in loving myself. I hope they help you just the same. ❤

Stop and listen to your body.

If we took small seconds throughout our day to stop and listen to our bodies, we would know exactly what we need and live a more fulfilling life. Our bodies are ALWAYS telling us something. Maybe you need more sleep, more food, more fresh air, more time to yourself, etc. Listening and acknowledging your own needs physically and emotionally are the first steps to truly showing the self-love you deserve.

NEVER miss a meal or a snack break.

Tell me, how do you feel after you’ve eating a wholesome meal? Really great right? What about after skipping a meal due to business, forgetfulness, or wanting to alter your appearance? I don’t know about you, but I feel pretty miserable. Our bodies were made to run off of food. I mean a car can’t go without gas right? If you prioritize feeding your body, it will work wonders for your attention span, energy levels, motivation, and overall wellbeing. You will go through your day feeling much more satisfied and even find that you are more productive!

Prioritize getting rest when you need it.

I hate to break it to you, but you need rest. As a college kid, I know what it’s like to sacrifice sleep for a project or a big exam. From my experience, it’s not worth it. Getting a good night’s sleep is necessary if you want to have a productive, stressless day the next day. Any time I have stayed up needing to finish something, I have always regretted it and wished I would have made time for it earlier. Many health professionals will tell you that 7 or more hours of sleep is the amount your body needs to function to its full capacity.

Set aside time for things that ignite your soul.

This is one of my favorite tips. I highly recommend setting aside a day of the week or sporadic times throughout your week to do things that you enjoy. This can be anything like watching a new show, making art, writing poetry, watching the sunset, taking a walk through nature, hanging out with friends, or other activities that ignite your soul and make you enjoy life. It’s always the little mundane activities and moments that can be the most fulfilling.

Make a list of affirmations.

In case you were wondering, affirmations are positive, true statements that can help you think more positively about yourself or something in your life. I adore affirmations, because they really help shift your mindset away from negativity and help you to appreciate what you have. For example, some of my favorite ones include: “I am lovable,” “I am beautiful,” “I have so much to be grateful for.” I highly suggest making a list and repeating them to yourself everyday. They truly helped me turn around how I saw myself and helped me to really step into a light of self-love.

Buy yourself things that make you happy.

These don’t have to be being things if you don’t have the budget for it, but buying yourself even the simplest of things is a wonderful form of self-love. An example for me would be buying a new flavor of tea that I’ve been eying every time I go to target. The happiness that that tea will give me is more than worth the $3. I am definitely guilty of passing the smallest of items up in the store just to save a few dollars, and I’m telling you, it’s not worth it. The truth is that the $3 dollar tea, $5 t-shirt, or $4 mug that you’ve been eyeing is a priceless symbol of the self-love that you deserve. Trust me, when you get home and make yourself that tea in the cute little mug that says “namaste” with your cool new AC/DC t-shirt, you will thank me.

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