5 Things We Do That Ruin Our Zen

Hey again! In case you haven’t guessed, this post is all about the things we do that ruin our zen. Instead of talking more about the ways to achieve that zen state we all want so badly, I thought it would also be a good idea to focus on what NOT to do. With that in mind, avoiding the following has helped me in keeping a peaceful and flowing mental and physical state of being. Enjoy!

1. Living in the Past

A lot of the times we get hung up on reliving the past. This prevents us from succeeding or being the fullest version of ourselves in the present. It’s only when we stop thinking about that time we bombed our psychology test, that hurtful comment that someone made to us, or that really hard time we went through that we can step into the light of who we are meant to be here in this present moment. If we chose to learn from rather than relive our past, we are one step closer to peace.

2. Worrying About and Over-Planning the Future

As much as we can get caught living in the past, we can also get caught worrying about and over-planing the future. The reality of the situation is though, that the future isn’t promised. We might as well spend our time being grateful for and focused on living the present moment to the fullest. You can still plan out the future, just don’t obsess over it. I’ve learned the hard way that constantly worrying about the future won’t make anything better, because when the future you’re worrying about comes, you’ll just be worrying about another future the whole time. It’s an endless cycle that can easily be broken by constantly reminding yourself to stay present.

3. Getting Too Much Caffeine and Not Enough Sleep

A lot of the time we sacrifice our own rest due to of procrastination or simply because we have too much on our plate. This leads us to practically overdose on caffeine. Which, let’s be honest, we all are guilty of at some point in our lives. Unless you’re a superhuman non college student and you don’t drink caffeine (major props if thats you though). Regardless though, you probably could have guessed at how much of a zen killer this is. Below I’ve linked a website that will tell you a healthy amount of caffeine per day. It can be good for a little boost if used in moderation, but in my experience, the less caffeine the more calm and zen you will be.

Caffeine Safe Limits: Calculate Your Safe Daily Dose

4. Not Giving Ourselves Enough Credit

Okay, I want you to run through all you’ve done or have to do today. What about this past week? This month? This year? You’ve literally accomplished so much! I know small failures may make us want to void big accomplishments, but don’t let that happen. Failing means learning. I am a firm believer in the more you fail the more successful you become. Spending less time ruminating in failures means more time celebrating and planing successes.

5. Biting Off More Than We Can Chew

A lot of the times we say yes to things for other people that we know will negatively affect our state of peace. I used to be beyond guilty of this. Yes it’s a nice thing to hold the door open for someone, give them relationship advice, or be a shoulder to cry on until they get back on their feet, but it’s a whole other story if they are asking you to cover their shift at work when you have a midterm, a paper, and are dog sitting your neighbor’s dog for the weekend. Get my drift? I learned the hard way that you are allowed to tell people no if you have too much on your plate. Having a busy lifestyle can be wonderful and peaceful if that is what you like best, but overdoing it can seriously wreck your zen. Balance is the key to zen after all!!

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