A Beginner’s Guide To Setting Goals

Setting goals has played such a key role in my life and my future, but I used to really struggle with it. So, here’s how my 20-year-old self became best friends with setting goals! According to positivepsychology.com, “Goal-setting in psychology is an essential tool for self-motivation and self-drive – both at personal and professional levels.” … More A Beginner’s Guide To Setting Goals

Peace Through Art

There’s something so peaceful about expressing ourselves. This is because emotions need to be felt and expressed. Wanting to be understood is such a universal theme, and art is a method to achieve that. It is a visual representation of our emotions. Did you know that according to a study done at Drexel University, art … More Peace Through Art

How Our Energies Affect Those Around Us- Journaling/Thought Provoking Prompt

Have you ever noticed how you feel after you’ve been around certain people? Maybe the person you’re thinking about is super negative or super extroverted and enthusiastic, and it suddenly leaves you feeling drained and tired (especially if you’re introverted like me). There are so many different energies impacting our lives, and a lot of … More How Our Energies Affect Those Around Us- Journaling/Thought Provoking Prompt

Tips for Self-Love

Self-Love is something that took me a while to learn. I used to have a tendency to push myself and my body too far. This is partially because I’m a perfectionist and partially because I felt like I had been encouraged by society and other important figures in my life to push through and keep … More Tips for Self-Love