Peace Through Art

There’s something so peaceful about expressing ourselves. This is because emotions need to be felt and expressed. Wanting to be understood is such a universal theme, and art is a method to achieve that. It is a visual representation of our emotions. Did you know that according to a study done at Drexel University, art can reduce stress hormones. Bellow are 4 activities that have been proven to reduce your stresses.

Painting and Scribbling Freehanded

This can mean drawing or painting your favorite flower, scene, splatters of paint, a sunset, or even something completely abstract to show how you feel. All you need is some paints or pencils and a piece of paper, canvas, or your favorite surface to work on. This one is my favorite way to relive my stress, because it allows for so much freedom!

Make A Collage

Collages are a great way to get to know yourself. Your favorite quotes, colors, places, foods, and other things that are your staples. You can cut up magazine pictures, print some of your own from Pinterest, or find them from other places too! Cut them all up, and paste them to the surface of your choosing like the back of a shoebox or a piece of thick paper like card stock. When you’re done you’ll have a collage celebrating you! You may have even learned something about yourself in the process.

Book Page Art

This is where you grab a book page and paint a picture over the words but leave specific words visible that say an important quote or saying. I love this, because it involves both words and visuals. You can say whatever you want and are feeling and also paint it!


I have such a deep love for poetry, because words can be so beautiful and as straightforward or abstract as you make them. Poetry is such a free form of expression! You can rhyme or just do free verse, and the whole set up is completely up to the author!

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