Journaling as a Method of Peace

A big habit that helped me find more peace is journaling. Many people will immediately write off journaling, because they don’t have enough time, they can’t keep a consistent journal schedule, or they just don’t think it will work for them. The good news is that you only have to journal when you’re up for it and have the time to. Also, there are infinite ways to journal, so it’s very likely that you’ll find a way that works for you! Since I love journaling so much, I thought I would share my perspective on it and how I like to journal.

I first started journaling about two years ago. I went to target and picked out at pretty constellation journal wanting to try something new and ever since I’ve adored it. I start off every journal entry with the date in the top right corner and the time in the top left for future reference. I usually always journal at night, because I find that’s usually when my thoughts flow the most freely. However, you can play around and do literally any time that works best for you. You can even alternate times!

To begin every entry, I make a list of all the things I’m grateful for. I love starting off with gratitude, because it really cleanses away a lot of negativity and allows my overall mood and journal entry to be much more grounded and wholesome. After the gratitude list, I just write whatever I feel like that day. It could just be talking about what I did that day, some hard emotions that I’m going through, a deep thought that I wanted to expand on and ponder, poetry, what I’m proud of myself for lately, a whole rant about that flat tire I got on the way to school, or just what I ate for dinner. It can truly be anything which is beyond freeing.

The reason I find journaling so therapeutic and peaceful is that it gives me a voice. My journal is a safe space that’s free from any judgement where I can just be without fear. It’s an extremely authentic and empowering form of expression that has helped me express my emotions more carefully and put difficult feelings into the most accurate and kind words possible. Through journaling, where I can endlessly express my thoughts and emotions, I have learned things about myself that I never would have known. It has shown me that everything you need is inside of you. You just have to search heard enough to find it and know where to look.

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